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Physiotherapists work with you to help your child to actively participate in movement skills. These may be things like sitting to play, or moving between positions (such as from lying to sitting, and walking around their environment).

Kites physiotherapists support your family with strategies for positioning, carrying and encouraging your child’s overall motor development. They also focus on your child’s fitness and skills required for recreation and chosen sports.

For some children, specialised equipment may be considered to support their development, position or mobility. Examples include orthotics (shoe inserts), walking frames, wheelchairs, support when lying down (for example, sleep positioning), and recreational equipment such as bike modifications.

Kites physiotherapists are registered with the Physiotherapy Board of Australia.

To find out more about physiotherapy, get in touch with us today. If you’re ready to get started, make a referral now.

Emma Bennett


Emma graduated from Notre Dame University with a Bachelor in Physiotherapy and a Bachelor in Exercise & Sports Science. She also completed her Paediatric Physiotherapy Level 1 Certificate. Emma worked as a physiotherapist in the South West Region, and for the past 2 years after moving back to Perth, Emma has worked at VisAbility, and now also Kites Therapy.

"I am so grateful to work so closely with children and their families. It’s very rewarding to see children develop their skills and make progress in their gross motor development and mobility, whilst in a fun and meaningful way."