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Dog-Assisted Occupational Therapy

Dog-Assisted Therapy sessions run across an 8 week block, led by a qualifed Occupational Therapist with the support of a trained Therapy Dog. Find out more today.

Online Therapy Support for Schools

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We’re working in partnership with schools to deliver online therapy and a range of flexible support options for educators. Our major focus is on the safety of our clients, staff, educators and the community. We want to see the continuity of therapy for children, while also making life easier for educators.

As experts in early childhood and school-age intervention, Kites Therapy offers a range of therapies in schools including occupational therapy, speech therapy, psychology, physiotherapy and dietetics. There are several options for schools to help integrate therapy services more easily in the classroom at what is a challenging time for schools and educators.

Students who would benefit

We offer therapies to suit the needs of children with a range of disabilities or developmental delays. This includes:

  • Autism
  • Global developmental delay
  • Intellectual or learning disabilities
  • sensory impairment
  • Physical disability

Online therapy

1:1 Therapy sessions online

We all know that services are best provided where children learn and practice skills, such as with their peers in small groups, or with an educational assistant’s support. We’re communicating openly with schools on a case-by-case basis to arrange online therapy services during school time. In the same way as our face to face services, goals will be family/child initiated and link to the student’s educational plan.

Before/after school online sessions

We’re increasing flexibility in providing online 1:1 therapy sessions to students either before or after school, according to each family’s needs and preferences.

Online group programs

We’re also offering a range of online group programs for school-aged kids, such as Social Thinkers for upper primary students; handwriting; and speech and language. These are available in after-school session times.

Flexible technologies

We have a flexible approach to technology – where there’s wifi, there’s a way. Whether your school can equip students with full video facilities, or if an education assistant with a phone and/or headphones in the classroom is preferred, we’ll work with you to find a solution. VisAbility’s preferred video platform is Zoom Professional, which uses security measures such as waiting room feature, locked meetings and unique meeting passwords.

 We understand that schools may use their own software, and are happy to consider individual schools’ requests.

Weekly check-ins

At what is already a challenging time for educators, we’re providing additional support through weekly phone or video check-ins with teachers, education assistants or inclusion support workers, to discuss each child’s planned therapy activities and curriculum-based goals. As always, we’re available to attend case conferences and Individual Education Plan (IEP) meetings, all via video.

Therapy coaching sessions

For some schools, 1:1 online therapy sessions aren’t practical within the classroom at this time, due to resourcing or individual school circumstances. In these instances, we can provide therapy coaching sessions to parents, teachers or education assistants, which can be completed with or without the student present, and supplemented by video observation if preferred.

Coaching sessions provide enormous benefit to educators by imparting best-practice therapy techniques within the natural education environment. Think of it as a ‘therapist in your pocket’ providing ongoing input and support, which benefits educators as well as the student.

Continuing online therapy into the future

Kites online therapy sessions have been immensely successful to date, with many parents reporting this method of communication to be more convenient, easier to access and with reduced travel time and costs.

For these reasons, it is likely that Kites will continue to offer therapy services online, in combination with face-to-face services, beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.

We see great potential for online therapy to support highly flexible and convenient ongoing collaboration between educators and therapists. The possibilities are endless – and we look forward to exploring these with you.

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For more information, read more about the varying online therapy services that your school can access.

If your school would like to begin Kites online therapy services, please please get in touch, we’re ready to support you and your educators.

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