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Join our Toybox with your NDIS budget

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“My son has shown phenomenal changes in his development in the first month of our Toybox membership,” – Jo, Kites Toybox member.

The Kites Toybox

Our Toybox is more than just a toy library (or toy heaven!). The Kites Toybox is home to over 4,500 play-based toys, designed to help children reach their therapy goals.

Among this collection of toys are switch-based toys for children with limited movement, sensory toys for children that may have vision impairment or limited hearing, and games that support turn-taking for children with ASD or social skills goals, to build their communication and social development.

These examples are only a drop in the ocean of our range. We have toys that are specialised in fine motor, hand and finger isolation, attention and sensory regulation, and more.

Toybox toy categories

Searching for a toy that matches your child’s interest and development is made easy, with the following toy categories:

  • Construction — perceptual motor development
  • Cause and Effect
  • Communication
  • Concepts and Reasoning
  • Fine Motor — sensory and perceptual motor development
  • Games — conceptual and abstract reasoning
  • Gross Motor
  • Imaginative Play
  • Language
  • Literacy
  • Music
  • Numeracy
  • Play Boxes
  • Puzzles
  • Self-Awareness
  • Sensory Activities
  • Story Bags
  • Switches and adapted Resources
  • Visual Perception

NDIS Funding Options

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (link opens in new window) is a funding stream for people in Australia with disability, including families of children who have been diagnosed with disability, or developmental delay for children under six years of age. Toybox toy library membership can be funded through an individual’s consumables budget in their NDIS plan.

As part of this membership, families can borrow six items for a maximum of four weeks, and receive one-hour-long consultation with a Kites ToyBox staff member.

“Toybox has a lot of toys that we treasure for such a low price.” – Jo

Jo purchased her Toybox membership through NDIS funding to be used in conjunction with her son’s occupational therapy goals. She loves the availability and range of toys she can access for her son.

“I don’t need to invest in any toy forever. There’s so much variety, my son has a new set of toys to play with as soon as he gets bored. The Toybox has a wealth of toys that you can’t find in toy shops,” says Jo.

Being able to borrow toys specific to her son’s occupational therapy goals, and return when he’s ready for a new challenge has been a bonus for Jo. This allows her to provide her son with new toys as his development and skills progress.

Steph, a Toybox member, purchased her membership to assist with her son, Max, to develop his fine and gross motor skills.

“It’s great to be able to borrow the big equipment to help Max with his balance and gross motor skills. This is equipment that we would not be able to purchase and we are grateful for this service!” – Steph

“Cecelia is a pleasure to deal with. She spends time trying to choose the best toys for my son and will always ask for feedback on how my son progressed with the toys. She also spends a lot of time explaining how to use the toys and gives me constructive ideas on how to use the same toy in many different ways to get a positive experience for you and your child,” Jo says.

Cecilia is our Toybox Therapy Assistant. She greets our parents and children at the Kites reception and assists parents in picking out toys, based on each individual child’s needs.

Join our Toybox today by using our easy online sign up form. If you have questions about your membership or NDIS consumables budget, please contact us today.