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Dog-Assisted Occupational Therapy

Dog-Assisted Therapy sessions run across an 8 week block, led by a qualifed Occupational Therapist with the support of a trained Therapy Dog. Find out more today.

Bazza’s Dog Vlog

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We’re so excited to introduce this new Kites online program to families. Bazza’s Dog Vlog is a bi-weekly video diary from therapy dog Bazza!

During these sessions Bazza and Occupational Therapist Brianna will share a range of fun activities to keep kids engaged and help them work towards their therapy goals.

For children aged 0-6, sessions will include book shares, crafts and play activities. For school-aged kids there’ll be craft activities, pretend play, obstacle courses and a focus on social skills.

Here is Bazza’s first vlog, with some Easter crafts for kids! Craft is a wonderful way to support your child’s fine motor skills, attention to task, comprehension of verbal instructions, and early concept development such as location words (in, on) and basic colours.

Books & Blocks with Bazza is supported by @Telethon7 Perth.

Bazza’s dog vlog  is FREE for all families to access and available across Facebook (link opens in new window), Bazza’s Instagram (link opens in new window) and the Kites Children’s Therapy Youtube channel (link opens in new window).

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