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Complaints and Feedback

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If you have a complaint or feedback

At Kites Therapy, we appreciate feedback on our services to help us improve and deliver the best possible therapy to your child. If you have a negative experience or situation and you would like to make a formal complaint, we know it’s important to have the right process in place for you to speak up. We appreciate you coming forward with your complaint, and will try our best to address the situation. We have a standard procedure in place for your complaints.

How to let us know

You can let us know how you are feeling via:

  • speaking to a person face-to-face
  • telephone (08) 9311 8222
  • email hello@kitestherapy.org.au

You may involve another person as an advocate at any stage of our complaints process.

Complaints Process

Behaviour of all parties

Your complaint will be received with a positive attitude and treated promptly and fairly. When engaged in our complaints process, Kites expects its staff, volunteers and stakeholders to: respect each other’s dignity; be fair and courteous to each other; keep all matters confidential and give high priority to resolving the complaint.

Kites will not respond to complaints made by any person whose conduct during the process is unreasonable.

Our response

If your complaint is not quickly resolved, it will be passed onto a manager or executive staff member.

This person:

  • will let you know, within two working days, that your complaint has been received; and
  • will tell you how long we expect it will take us to resolve your complaint; and
  • may contact you further if more details or discussion are required; and
  • will contact you every ten working days at least to inform you of the progress of your complaint until it is finalised.


If you do not find this response satisfactory, please let us know. Should you wish to refer the matter to an external organisation, contact details are below.

Health and Disability Services Complaints office

  • Complaints and enquiries line: (08) 6551 7600
  • Country Free Call: 1800 813 583
  • TTY: (08) 6551 7640


If for whatever reason you prefer not to, or do not achieve your desired outcome following having raised your complaint, we encourage you to access support from the following organisations.

  • Your child’s Early Childhood Early Intervention Partner or Local Area Coordinator.
  • The Association for Children with Disability Tas on 03 6231 2466 or by email admin@acdtas.com.au.
  • Developmental Disability WA on 08 9420 7203 or by email ddwa@ddwa.org.au.


For more information please read our External Stakeholder Complaint Management Policy [doc, 34kb]. You can also download an abbreviated version of the External Stakeholder Complaint Management Policy (Abbreviated) [doc, 26kb].