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Dog-Assisted Occupational Therapy

Dog-Assisted Therapy sessions run across an 8 week block, led by a qualifed Occupational Therapist with the support of a trained Therapy Dog. Find out more today.

About Kites

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At Kites, we provide personalised support, advice and solutions to transform lives of kids of all ages living with disability or developmental challenges.

We enable kids – and their families – to look to the future with confidence. A future filled with possibilities.

As part of the EverAbility Group Ltd (opens in a new window). family, we bring together specialists, therapists and experts from across the disability and childhood development spectrum.

Then, working together – with families, as a family – we build a support network and solution specifically for each child, delivering tailored advice and support as early as possible, when it can make the biggest difference to their lives.

The solutions we develop are as unique as the kids and families we work with, and as diverse as the disabilities and developmental difficulties they live with.

And that’s really the point. The Kites team is whatever families need.

We help kids grow – physically, emotionally, intellectually – and live life to the full. We help parents understand how best to help their children thrive. We provide answers and a plan for the future.

We provide a sense of certainty at an uncertain, often overwhelming time. And in doing so, we set each child on the path to living a rich and rewarding life, lived to the full. In the community. On their terms.

Our Language

At Kites, we use identity-first language for autism. Identity first language puts a person’s condition or disability before the person, for example, ‘autistic children.’

Many autistic people and their advocates prefer identity-first language as it highlights how autism is part of the person’s identity. Many autistic people feel that they perceive and interact with their environment differently, rather than having a disorder or disability.

We recognise that people have different opinions on the language used and acknowledge their personal preferences on how they’re described.  We are doing our best to respond to the feedback of the community we serve about how they wish to identify. We have an ongoing commitment to review our position in line with our professional commitment to best practice. We welcome feedback at any time.